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Use of the metes and bounds methodology may be in comparability with drawing a polygon. Metes are factors that are just like the vertices of a polygon. Bounds are line segments between two adjacent metes.
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Just wait and observe the water levels and soil of the dig area. maximum select it at Northeast corner of the plot, i.e., make the plot four parts and in that 4 parts choose the northeast corner plot and dig there, no necessity to dig exactly at the northeast corner at Northeast block. The size may be One and a half ft or 45 cm extensive X 45 cm lengthy X forty five cm deep and fill it with water.

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Consult your yellow pages of the telephone guide, under surveyors or engineers select one, and have them draw a plot plan out of your deed. From the mortgage bank, or land firm you purchased the land and/or constructing from. We hope this was an informative and helpful listing on your land search. Once you discover that piece of land you might be in search of, make certain to revisit this web site to use a land mortgage calculatorin order to calculate land loan payments.