Lands’ End


After an area hunter (Demián Bichir) brings her again from the brink of dying, she must find a way to stay again. LAND is a touching examine of a woman steeped in grief, decided to depart life behind within the midst of a devastating happening. Robin Wright effectively directs from an angle of isolation, each of place and of thoughts. A lot of moments and eventualities feel acquainted, and while that hinders the general expertise, LAND is so superbly shot with such deeply heartfelt performances that it earns a lot of respect by the top.
Robin Wright’s directorial debut “Land,” premiering this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, is a assured drama about multiple types of isolation. Edee is isolated emotionally by a horrible tragedy and the lingering grief that has made her suicidal. Almost as if she’s attempting to mirror how alone she feels on the inside, she isolates herself physically too, going to a remote cabin and attempting to live off the land.