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Land, In economics, the useful resource that encompasses the pure sources utilized in manufacturing. In classical economics, the three components of manufacturing are land, labour, and capital. Land was considered to be the “original and inexhaustible present of nature.” In trendy economics, it is broadly defined to include all that nature offers, together with minerals, forest products, and water and land resources.

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  • The gasoline giants, Jupiter and Saturn, are thought to have floor layers composed of liquid hydrogen somewhat than solid land; however, their planetary geology isn’t nicely understood.
  • Even because the vast landscape around them appears to recall the insignificance of 1 individual against the brilliant thing about Mother Nature, “Land” means that isolation isn’t the reply and connection is what issues.

The Chinese Earth goddess Hou Tu is much like Gaia, the Greek goddess personifying the Earth. Bhuma Devi is the goddess of Earth in Hinduism, influenced by Graha. In Norse mythology, the Earth giantess Jörð was the mother of Thor and the daughter of Annar. Ancient Egyptian mythology is completely different from that of other cultures as a outcome of Earth is male and sky is female.